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Registered: 11.02.2013
12.02.13 02:39:49
I've been pulling my hair out for days on this problem and some help would be greatly appreciated.

When I try to load the MKV files created using MakeMKV, AVS Converter just sits there not responding for almost an hour then gives me the error "file format error". I've searched through the forum and tried many of the proposed solutions but none seem to work. I'm running the latest version,

These MKVs are created from HD-DVDs. I have no problems converting MKVs created from BluRays. One HD-DVD MKV converts no problem and I've noticed that it's using MPEG2 video. All the other MKVs that aren't working are using WVC1 video codecs.

I've attached the media info on one of the MKVs that isn't working. Any thoughts on how to fix this?
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12.02.13 09:29:02
To: TyronC

Dear user,

You have been answered in AVS Support System.

Please use your e-mail and password to track the answer.

Kind regards
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