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Registered: 25.11.2011
25.11.11 18:39:24
I am so frustrated.. My son has a very important project for college and created a video with AVS. Unknowing to us, there was a watermark indicating that the software was not licensed. I purchased the license and tried a number of time to use the converter to remove the water mark so that we would not have to go back through the entire process again. I cannot get it to remove...Can anyone tell me what to do becuase I am very frustrated that this company HAS NO customer service number
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28.11.11 15:28:38
To: diversetaxservice@yahoo.com


Unfortunately, watermark cannot be removed from video files created with non-activated version of our software. We are very sorry, but our program informs user when save video that watermark will be added to output files.

Regretfully, support by phone is not provided by our company. We are sorry if it may be of any inconvenience.

Best regards.
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30.03.13 13:27:36
To: Vlad

Thanks for confirming this. I guess the trial version is really used only for testing the software but not using it.
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20.04.16 04:53:16
To: Vlad

Now everything make sense right now...I just thinking about the remove watermark thing! Thanks!
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