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Posts: 21
Registered: 25.09.2008
21.10.08 12:44:09
I worked since 2 weeks with the Converter. Nice piece of software.

Today I got 'An internal error 13'

I uninstalled, reinstalled and tryed registered and unregisterd version (after renaming the Licence folder), but error 13 is persistent. I forgot to add: I used your Registry Cleaner to fix the floating keys in the registry.
Posts: 21
Registered: 25.09.2008
21.10.08 12:56:08
To: lzr

....more info about.
Internal error 12 happens when converting mov to mov (I need rotated mov version)
Converting to WMV is ok
Posts: 569
Registered: 16.05.2008
22.10.08 01:21:00
To: lzr


Please try to provide more information about the error.

First, precise whether you have 'An internal error 13' or 'An internal error 12' , or both ;-)
Describe your actions step by step and precise the moment when the error occurs.
Please attach the screenshot of the error message.
Qualify when you used AVS Registry Cleaner before or after the moment you received the error.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Posts: 21
Registered: 25.09.2008
23.10.08 12:48:22
To: Dam

Everything is calm down now. Registry cleaner and Reboot was in great help

The error happened when I used Split and Batch mode and the output folder was the same as the input. I lost 3 small movies and then Internal Error 13. (Mov to Mov conversion with Rotate)
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