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Registered: 14.10.2008
14.10.08 07:24:31
I just purchased the unlimited license, because so far I have been very impressed in the quality and simplicity of the tools. I am having one issue with the ACS Video Converter 6.0:

When I merge multiple .VOB DVD vidio files in the proper ordred secequence (ordering them in the list box from earliest (01) to latest (05)), the final output (in WMV format) contains video not ordered properly. The result I am getting is:

Merge Order:

Resulting Order:
Posts: 2
Registered: 14.10.2008
14.10.08 14:39:35
To: ghjames

Sorry. I have solved the problem.
I thought that the only way to read all the VOB files from a DVD was to use the IFO file for conversion. I has a corrupted IFO file, so I selected all the VOB files and ordered them. It seems that I only needed the first VOB file and the converter will automatically read the remaining. By selecting all of them I ended up with multiple copies of the video in the output.
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Registered: 16.05.2008
16.10.08 05:46:33
To: ghjames

We are glad that is solved. You've made the right decision, as in the case when the IFO file is currupted, we recommend to do exactly the same: to use VOB files as an input.

Best Regards
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Registered: 10.02.2009
13.02.09 07:27:09
I have an older Sony camera that records to those small 30 min DVD's. I would like to combine several of those small ones onto 1 full size, or Dual layer DVD. Does any of your programs offer this ability? I used to have a program that would do that by clicking one button and it had a Wizard that guided me through it.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
16.02.09 00:39:05
To: beagle187

Try using AVS Video Converter. You will need to add VIDEO_TS.IFO file from your first mini DVD to the program, then use "+" button and add second VIDEO_TS.IFO file from the second DVD, etc. You can also create a menu and set chapters for your new DVD movie.

Feel free to use our Online Help to learn more information about To DVD conversion.

Best regards.
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