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Registered: 23.10.2012
23.10.12 23:27:04
I have converted video files of a Soccer game. There are 4 files. After converting is complete I burn the disc. The disc is not in order from the beginning of the game. How do I arrange the files so that they burn in order?
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Registered: 10.04.2012
24.10.12 08:56:19
To: fivestrongs@yahoo.com


Make sure you have imported the files in the necessary order in AVS Video Converter. You can check the result on Preview.
Click here for guidelines on converting to DVD.
Here is the list of formats supported by AVS Video Converter.

Best regards
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Registered: 23.10.2012
24.10.12 18:59:33
To: fivestrongs@yahoo.com

I have 4 files and import them at the same time. The converter puts them in the incorrect order even though they are numbered. Can I import 1 at a time in the proper order and then convert all 4 together to burn on 1 DVD? Isl the file on top be the first file burned? Will the up and down arrows allow me to move the files around if I import all 4 at the same time? I look forward to your reply.

Thank You,

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Registered: 10.04.2012
25.10.12 07:59:21
To: fivestrongs@yahoo.com

Hello Kevin,

As soon as you uploaded the files in AVS Video Converter (you can import many at the same time or use the Insert button to add them individually), you can change the order of the files by dragging and dropping them or by using the up and down arrows.

You can check the result on the Preview of the program.

AVS Video Converter will convert them to one DVD by default, unless you use Batch mode.

Best regards
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20.11.14 01:53:37
To: fivestrongs@yahoo.com

Hi. Just a gentle bump on this. Would be nice if you can share the steps on how this was resolved if possible.
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20.11.14 08:53:32
To: davidfrost

Dear David,

It is possible to change the order of the files by using the up and down arrows - see the screenshot attached.

You can check the result on the Preview window of the program.

Kind regards
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Registered: 22.04.2014
23.01.15 22:34:12
as a user, I see that the files do not load in Video Convertor numeric order or the order that one imports them in...

SO IT IS CRITICAL to use the up and down arrows (as the administrator explains) to adjust the order of clips to suit your project. The font is small, the window is small, so it is not obvious unless one carefully reads the files names.

so beware
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