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Registered: 14.11.2011
14.11.11 14:54:16
I'm trying to trim my F4V files (recorded live streams) by either converting them or trimming them with editor/ ReMaker but in any of the three programs I use from AVS they crash the second I try to convert or playback my F4V's, what's wrong? They were encoded by Adobe Flash Encoder on a professional piece of equipment. I need this fixed asap.
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Registered: 29.01.2012
15.11.11 09:28:43
To: photogrove@yahoo.com


Please make sure that the files you are trimming are not corrupted and play properly in video player software. Also, please download the latest versions of AVS programs which are available on our website www.avs4you.com

It it does not help, please give the details about the problem.

What exact error message you get? Please attach a screenshot of it.

Also, please specify your PC configuration - Operating System, CPU, Ram

Best regards.
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