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Registered: 08.09.2011
08.09.11 22:14:27
I've been making DVDs with your software, I love it; but, sometimes my audio can be very static-ey and if the person talking is far enough away it takes a lot of amplifying and tweaking of band filters and noise remover, but it still its not good... I've looked on the internet and there it's a program called(feel free to remove the software title) audacity that has a white noise/ background noise remover, you open your audio file and find an unused "blank" area of the file and select the portion with out any used audio and the program removes that background sound out of the rest of the file, cleaning up your sound file. While I could use avs to pull the audio out of a video, use said program to clean out the background noise and then put it back into the video with avs, I would MUCH rather just use avs. For one thing the program I mentioned does not work with video, second I'd be afraid the sound may get out of sync with the video. So please make a background noise remover in video converter or dvd author.

Thank you,
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09.09.11 12:45:02
To: cmckee.cna

Hello Chris,

Thank you for your suggestion. I will forward it to our developers.

Best regards.
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Registered: 14.05.2012
18.05.12 02:16:47
Same here. Audacity is what I've been using for months. I can easily remove white noises using this software. I just hope you can add such feature to your software so we don't have to use other programs as we find it a bit hassle.
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18.05.12 07:02:56
To: celavey


We have taken your wish into consideration.

Best regards.
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