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Registered: 22.12.2008
22.12.08 20:24:12
I need to get these DVDs burned by tomorrow noon so I hope someone can help.

I used Video ReMaker v2.3 to create my 6-chapter movie with title menu and chapters menu. I've used both Nero v8 and ReMaker to burn the DVD. ReMaker can play the movie just fine. But when I play it in my desktop DVD player, the player's display says "Title" and it gets stuck there.

If I use PowerDVD, it generates an "unknown error" message.

If I use Windows Media Player to play the entire movie, it stops after about 1 second. It seems that ReMaker has moved chapter 1 to .33 seconds into the movie and I guess that is the point at which the movie stops. I move the chapter 1 marker back to 0, but ReMaker keeps moving it. If I choose a chapter to play from the chapters menu, the chapter plays fine but with no sound.

I've burned DVDs before on this Sony DRU-700A burner so I know it's not the burner. This is the 1st time I've used ReMaker to make a movie.

These DVDs are Xmas presents that I need to complete by tomorrow so I hope someone can help. Thanks so much!

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Registered: 16.05.2008
26.12.08 04:45:22
To: thornev


Sorry indeed for the late reply.

Please try to create a small DVD without chapters, to be sure that it's AVS program error. Then try to play the created DVD with your players.

You can also try to use AVS Video Converter 6 to create a DVD with menu.

Best Regards
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Registered: 26.06.2011
26.06.11 04:32:29
Hi, I'm having much the same problem as this other customer, and I'm hoping, like he did, to get a quick answer! I burned the DVD following video remaker's instructions. The dvd got burned all right, but it won'y play on my dvd player on my tv: I get a message that their is a dvd error, and on my computer if I use any dvd player I can play the menu (i can navigate from menu to chapters without problem) but If I try to play the dvd or click on a link to the chapters i get nothing, the player gets stuck!

As any user of forums, I'm getting crazy over that thing! Ispent hours on that dvd and get really frustrated for being stuck this close from the end!
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Registered: 29.01.2012
28.06.11 00:44:04
To: mmeynier


First of all please make sure that you have the latest version AVS Video ReMaker, which can be downloaded from this link.

Please reinstall AVS programs using the instructions here. You will not loose your work if you saved your DVD as a project in AVS Video ReMaker and didn't move source files.

If it does not help, please specify the model of your burner and the brand and type of your blank discs. Also, please specify your PC configuration - Operating System, CPU, Ram.

Best regards.
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