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Registered: 14.05.2011
14.05.11 17:04:04

I produced a home movie in the form of PAL Standard Play compatible DVDs.
However, when I try to play the DVDs in a DVD player the Menu System and associated navigation does not work correctly.
Some players do not even recognise the DVDs.

Here is what I did:

1. Created 15 .avi files in HD Vidio 720P format using AVS4You Video Editor.

2. Created a new video editor project, imported the above 15 .avi files.

3. Used Auto Set Chapters feature to generated 15 chapters and selected Menu Style and background music.

4. I selected Output as PAL and specified a location on my hard drive.

5. Video Editor created 4 folders Disc1, Disc2, Disc3 and Disc4.

6. I copied these on individual DVDs.

7. when step 6 did not work I converted the Disc1 folderfiles to ISO using Video Converter and tried to burn on another PC but to no avail.

Any suggestion would be greatly appeciated.

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16.05.11 04:30:43
To: Rajiv

The problem is discussed in this topic.
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