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Registered: 14.02.2011
14.02.11 10:49:24
I am trying to capture screens displaying text, input/output screens. When I produce and play back the screen captures the text is blurry? I have played with resolutions and capture areas, but am not having any luck. Any suggestions?
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Registered: 29.01.2012
16.02.11 03:50:47
To: slwaugh@fnbsf.com


Where do you play captured video? in what media player?

Could you please also attach example file in zip archive. (note that it should be less than 10 mb).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Registered: 07.03.2011
07.03.11 15:30:39
I'm also having screen capture issues, when it plays in the media folder it looks good but when I drag it to the timeline it looks poor and blury.
Any suggestions
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Registered: 29.01.2012
09.03.11 05:28:58
To: dcarlosjessop@hotmail.com

High resolution video is cache to lower quality format for faster preview. You can notice yellow caching line on the file. Is it so? If yes, you can disable caching in Edit>Settings menu.
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Registered: 25.05.2011
25.05.11 18:39:56
Okay. I have the same problem. SO I can disable the lower qauality Caching by going to the Edit, Settings, and then where do I go from there? I selected the no Caching option but it doesn't seem to help the quality any. Like the guy who already posted the inquiry. The video footage looks fine when I import it and preview it in the main pallet. (I am recording with the screen capture option) in the AVS video editor by the way. This is killing my timetable for this project. If I can get this up and running the video is going on Project GUtenberg and will only reflect well on the software. So helping me get over this hurdle will be mutually benificial.
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Registered: 29.01.2012
25.05.11 23:46:08
To: drdresapinkbunny


Which resolution do your captured videos have? Check properties in Media Library (right click on a file>Properties). Select corresponded aspect in project settings. When you produce video, select original resolution for output.

I hope it helps.

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Registered: 28.11.2011
28.11.11 23:45:39
With AVS Screen Capture, once you are finished capturing and try to edit the video in the AVS Editor, resolution is very poor. The video is useless for anything. There is no place to set the quality of the screen capture video? Please respond. A main reason I purchased the software for my work was to develop software tutorials.
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Registered: 29.01.2012
29.11.11 14:17:56
To: tbac


Try different formats for capturing - AVI, FLV, WMV. They are available in AVS Screen Capture>Settings>Video tab

Could you please specify resolution of captured video? You can check it clicking right mouse button on the video in Media Library and opening it's properties. Does the video play properly in the preview opton of AVS Screen Capture, right after you capture it?

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Registered: 16.02.2012
16.02.12 21:02:11
I feel like I have tried everything also and this forum hasn't revealed the solution yet. I've changed the settings so it doesn't cache, set the output as close to the same as the file properties, tried several output types. this is extremely frustrating and I have a deadline that I need this to work, that's why I bought the program in the first place. Help!
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Registered: 20.05.2010
17.02.12 07:01:46
To: mkeenan@abtechmfg.com


We have checked the sent video file. The quality is good enough. Try to capture using the Avi format. If you save the video through AVS Video Editor select the same format and resolution used to capture.

Best regards.
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Registered: 24.05.2016
29.04.17 19:51:01
I'm having screen capture issues, when it plays in the media folder it looks good but when I drag it to the timeline it looks poor and blury. I presumed that by buying the product and registering the activation key this would clear up, but it didnt'.

I am trying to screen capture using AVI format; temporary caching. It says I'm recording at 15fps. I don't see any way to change that.

How can I move my scree capture videos to the timeline without loosing the good resolution I see when it's played in the media library?

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Registered: 03.07.2008
02.05.17 08:41:55
To: toolman_dustin

Dear Dustin,

Actually by default AVS Video Editor creates cache after importing the files, and playback the cached file on the preview, so the editing process may be more convenient. You can change the quality of the video preview both on the timeline and on medialibrary by clicking on the Edit button on the top toolbar - choose Settings - General tab - Preview section: choose "High (Slowest)" in "Quality" drop down box to get the best available quality for the timeline video playback. Please note that processing/editing speed will be lower. If you check the option "Use original format in media library" - you will get the best available quality for the preview from media library.

Please note that preview quality does not influence anyhow the output video quality. To get the output file of high quality please select the input file parameters like frame rate, frame size and bitrate for the output by clicking on the Advanced button after selecting the format. To check the input file parameters right click on the video in media library - choose Properties.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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Registered: 24.05.2016
03.05.17 20:27:22
I applied your suggestions. attached are the input file and the produced file.

the output file is unreadable.

sure would like to get this to work.

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Registered: 08.09.2009
04.05.17 09:48:53
To: toolman_dustin

Your output AVI file has very poor video parameters for text distinction: frame size 640x480 and video bitrate ~400 kbps. It's not enough. It is better to convert such a video without changing the frame size and with setting a much larger bitrate.

And if you still need to reduce frame size, then set the option:
Settings -> Processing -> Resize -> Type - Super.
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Registered: 24.05.2016
10.05.17 21:13:39
To: RomanN

Roman: thanks for the reply. How/where do I make these settings changes. I don't see anywhere where I can select 640x480, so I'm not sure how you determined these were the settings. Also, hwere do I select the bitreater of > 400kbps?

I'm not converting a video. I'm doing a screen capture and then "transfering" it to the timeline.
Is there a tutorial for how to perform a proper screen capture using AVS Video Editor?

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Registered: 08.04.2016
11.05.17 12:14:42
To: toolman_dustin

Hello Dustin,

Thank you for the message.

Evidently, you've chosen low parameters while saving your screen capture in AVS Video Editor. Please follow the steps below:

1. Launch AVS Video Editor and press Ctrl+E to open AVS Screen Capture.

2. Record a video from your screen. After you stop the capture, click the Save Video button and put the video from the media library of AVS Video Editor to the timeline.

3. Then follow Produce => File => choose the required output format => choose one of the available profiles with higher characteristics. For example, if you select AVI as an output format, try to use the profile HD-Video: H.264/AVC, 720p, 3200kbps.

Let us know the results.

Kind regards
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Registered: 16.07.2017
24.07.17 03:42:09
Maybe it might help you a little bit even though the version of the software is much older.


Kind Regards
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