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Registered: 11.02.2011
11.02.11 12:57:01
I import a beautifully clear video, preview it, looks great. I drag that same video down into my project to edit and instantly the image is distorted. I thought it was just as I was working, but after spending hours, then 20 minutes to produce as a WMV file, my finished video is all blurry. WHY? What could be causing this. I just spent $60 bucks on this full program. I have set the correct aspect ratio and sent several unanswered requests for help to the support team. Please respond ASAP!
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14.02.11 04:07:20
To: akanichiyoubi


What is the resolution of your source video? Actually, videos with high resolution are usually pre-converted to lower quality for faster preview and editing when you drop them to Timeline. You can disable pre-conversion following top menu Edit>Setting>Environment and choosing No cache. Also in Settings>General you should choose High (Slowest) preview quality. Finally, please note that you should select HD video profiles with output settings for output to keep the quality.

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24.03.11 08:54:20
I am having problems with this same issue, only I am using screen captured videos. When I record my videos (which I have tried both FLV and AVI) and view them in the independent screen-capture window they look clean and crisp. Then when I import then into my media library for my project in AVS they show up in the preview window like-wise looking good and sharp. BUT as soon as i drag the file down to the time-line...bam...instantly the quality is gone and I can't seem to get it back. I tried your suggestion to Edit>Setting>Environment and chose No cache...and I think it did help a little. And my Setting in General was laready on High. However, still when I try to Produce the file it ends up blurry and hard to read what it is saying on the screen in the captured video. Any other suggestions. As I said, when I view the screen capture independent of AVS timeline preview...it looks just fine...but once I go to edit it (which is indeed why I bought AVS was so I could edit and screen capture) the quality is shot. Thanks for any more help you can provide :)
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Registered: 29.01.2012
25.03.11 06:39:15
However, still when I try to Produce the file it ends up blurry and hard to read what it is saying on the screen in the captured video.

Could you please specify which format you produce video to and which profile with output settings you select?
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