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11.11.08 07:11:36
To: hairdresserstar@msn.com

Hi Pam,

That's not clear what you want to do.

So, if you have some movie (not in DVD format) and you want to convert it to DVD format and then burn it on a DVD disc, I'd recommend you to use AVS Video Converter 6.2. Here it is the link to AVS Online Help, for the detailed information, how to do it.

If you have a DVD file and just want to put dvd movie onto a dvd disc, please use AVS Disc Creator. Follow this link for the information.

Best Regards
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29.03.09 23:17:36
To: dirkmeinsma

Your post has been moved. Please follow the link.
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09.06.10 12:42:15
To: gnumenaut

Hey gnumenaut. Was your problem solved?
I have a similar problem with the AVSVideoEditor when trying to save my films (AVCHD 1920x1080). Windows tells that it has found a problem with the program and has to close it. In the report it says that the problem is in the MSVCR80.dll file like in your case. I have postet a longer discription in another message but have not yet recived any support/help/answer.:'(

Kindly. Torben
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10.06.10 12:08:20
To: wilwil

Dear Torben,

We have already sent you possible solution for the problem in our support system. Please check our answers logging into it with your e-mail and password.

Kind Regards.
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Registered: 17.02.2010
13.07.10 15:06:46
Hi All,
Not sure if I'm posting this in the right area, so please move if needs be!
Up until today I was converting movies to DVD and burning them without any problems.
Now what happens is when I try to burn them using AVS Video Burner, it gets about halfway through
burning, then I get an error message....something like..."Error, try using different media...."
Any help would be appreciated!
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14.07.10 07:26:40
To: Oddsox


Could you please attach the screenshot of the error message?

To make a screenshot, please,

- press PrtScn to copy the screenshot to the clipboard;

- open a graphics editing program (e.g. Microsoft Paint, select Start\Run..., enter 'mspaint' and press OK to start it);

- press Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot from the clipboard;

- save the image in PNG format;

- attach the image file to your message.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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15.07.10 12:42:17
To: Vlad

Hi Vlad.
I was using Verbatim Discs and I ran out, so I started using Infiniti Discs.....that's when the problems started.
I've now bought some more Verbatim Discs and it seems to be OK.
Many thanks for you assistance anyway!
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16.07.10 11:54:41
To: Oddsox

You are welcome:-)

We are glad that the problem has been solved.
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