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15.12.10 14:17:35
Dear AVS4YOU users,

We are glad to announce the release of new version AVS Audio Converter
on our website!

What's new:

New input formats: .ape, .qcp, .cue, .mpa, .midi, .kar, .ra.

Format profiles have been modified.

Merging files - you can now merge two or more audio files into one at the conversion.

Improved Audio Tag Editor allowing you to set renaming rules.

New profiles for audio books - you can choose different quality profiles to create an audio book.

Pauses search algorithm has been added to split audio at pauses.

Pause/Resume buttons have been added allowing you to temporarily stop conversion process in case needed and then renew it.

Priority level change allowing you to choose between Highest, Above Normal, Normal and Below Normal Priority for your conversion.

Fast file titles reading which allows loading files quickly.

We are very particular about feedback from our users and would be glad to receive your comments about new version and further suggestions.

Best regards,
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