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19.11.10 07:24:34
Dear Users,

We would like to inform you, that the updated versions of AVS Photo Editor and AVS Registry Cleaner have been released on our website.

What's new in AVS Photo Editor:

New redesigned interface.

Possibility to perform simple editing operations with images, such as rotation and autocorrection, while previewing the selected source directory.

Multiple image editing without the need to save each separate image. The changes are saved for all the images at once when you move to another folder, close the program or select the proper command. The modified images can be saved either to a new folder or to the original one.

New editing options:

Automatic adjustment of parameters for the following effects: Exposure, Temperature, Brightness/Contrast.

New methods of white balance with the help of Temperature, Tone, Gray Point settings. The necessary Temperature and Tone parameters are automatically set when a pount of a neutral colour is chosen.

New "smart" correction tools: Clarity - increases local contrast, Vibrance - increases the saturation only in the areas of an image that need it.

New Vingettes tool - reduces or increases the brightness of an image at the periphery compared to the image center thus imitating optical lens effect.

Now you can add text or image watermaks to your images.

New improved Crop mechanisms.

While using the brush you can now select the Erase Mode which lets you correct the areas that have been affected bringing them into their initial state.

Ability to print edited images and use the preview to adjust the position and size of the image you are going to print.

Before and after preview of image adjustments.

What's new in AVS Registry Cleaner:

Windows 7 64-bit OS support.

Removal of temp files from various browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

Removal of system files from My Recent Documents and other directories.

Removal of junk files left behind by such applications as:

Macromedia Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Acrobat
Sun Java
Windows Media Player
Quick Time Player
Microsoft Terminal Server Client

Faster file transfer to the recycle bin.

We are very particular about feedback from our users and would be glad to receive your comments about new versions and further suggestions.

Best regards,
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