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Registered: 11.08.2010
04.11.10 06:54:02
Trying to author videos taken on a DVD camcorder. 3 DVD disks (about 1.2G each) created by Camcorder. Copied them onto my PC (in different folders named Disc N) and created a project , imported the IFO files etc. no problem.

I selected VIDEO_TS .IFO only even though there was a VIDEO_TS_01.IFO also available from each disc. They both seemed to give me the same length of video play and started at the same location.

Here are the problems I ran into using the Wizard to initiate the project:

(1) I asked the program to create a new chapter for each file. Instead of 3 it created 4, the last one blank (no preview video in it) and I can't delete it. (what I ended up doing was removing the links to the other chapters by changing all 4 arrows to default , reduced it so it was barely visible and slid it way out to the side. I then reconfigured the arrows )

(2) When the video is playing , the "Disc Menu" key on the DVD remote doesn't function so the only way I can get back to the main menu is to stop the playback and eject the disc then start all over again.

It seems to take forever (over 1 1/2 hrs) to convert and burn my project to DVD. (it's 3.9G total )

System :
Win7 64
4G memory
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Quad CPU

Does 1 1/2 hrs seem reasonable or would another 4G memory help?

Help/suggestions appreciated.

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08.11.10 06:07:26
To: BeerHunter


Sorry for the late response.

Regarding the problems you've described:

1) Actually, number of chapter per page depens on page layout selected, please see the screenshot attached. Even if you set just 3 chapters, but have 4 chapter layout, there will be 4 chapters in the menu and the latest will be empty. So you should select 3 chapter layout for your menu.

2) We have checked on several DVD players and disc menu function works properly with DVD's created by DVD Authoring. Could you please specify the model of your DVD player? Does this function works with other DVD's?

Please be advised that 1 1/2 hour is quite normal speed to convert to DVD. Try choosing lower quality profile (for example DVD Standard Play) when build DVD to convert DVD faster.

I hope it helps.

Best regards.
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Registered: 11.08.2010
08.11.10 07:15:50
To: Vlad

The DVD menu function does work on other DVD's but this was my first authoring attempt.Must have skipped a step or done something wrong then.

I'll try another one and see how that goes. Maybe even read the manual...lol.

Txs for the info.
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