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Registered: 18.02.2010
22.10.10 12:26:17
Asked about this a couple years ago. Respondents seemed confused, I'm not sure why. Trying it again;

I would like any DVD movie I create to work with the "skip" button on the remote. Just like commercially made
DVDs do.
Using DVD Authoring (or any such app) , there is the option to created chapters at
set time intervals. Easy , so far. However, I do not wish to have ,for intance....24 chapter thumbnails to deal
with, for a 2 hr. movie. For this question and answer (hopefully) session , let's say I'd like just 2 "title pages"/
or chapter pages (wish it could be an agreed standard term).
On each chapter page I'll go with 4 buttons (chapter thumbnails), for a total of eight. What I want to do is
select my own point on the timeline to be linked with those 8 chapter buttons. BUT .... still keep all the other
5 minute auto-created chapter points ....so the "skip" function on the remote will actually work! ( I may choose
to remove an auto-set chapter that's very close to any one th6at I prefer)
I dont know any other means of stating it. I've created dozens of DVDs, over years using several burners,
programs, etc. etc. The ONLY exception I'll concede to , is that IF any "source" file is longer than 5 minutes
( in my example here).. than the SKIP button WILL work - but as follows; once - if the movie is >5 and <10 mins.
in length. OR, it may work twice, IF the source file is >10 mins., but <15 mins. etc, etc. I think it's typical , that
most often you may have a few, or many..source files being combined to create your final DVD movie. Usually of
varying lengths.

Quirky things are happening when attempting to achieve this outcome, as I am currently working on a
"test" DVD movie in the hopes of figuring it out.
Any help , anyone?
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25.10.10 07:35:00
To: mrlewp88


As far as I know 5 min SKIP feature depends on dvd player. Some dvd player are able to skip, some not. There is no need to set any chapters specially for it. Af for setting certain number of chapters on Timeline, you can do it with AVS DVD Authoring with no problem. Please find the details here.

I hope it helps.

Best regards.
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