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Registered: 29.09.2010
03.10.10 02:55:41
How do I capture the video of what you see on your computer monitor? I have a webcam, which it looks like all I can 'capture' with. I don't want to use my webcam, though.

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Registered: 29.01.2012
04.10.10 05:58:19
To: alodude


You should download the latest AVS Video Editor. After installing it, follow menu Start>All Programs>AVS4YOU>Video and run AVS Screen Capture application. Launch recording computer screen and start playing the game.

I hope it clarifies.

Best regards.
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Registered: 29.09.2010
04.10.10 10:48:35
To: Vlad

I tried doing it, but when I loaded Starcraft 2, there was sound but a black screen (no video).
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Registered: 29.01.2012
05.10.10 04:35:07
To: alodude

I've just asked you to try the program, perhaps it works for capturing games. But mainly, the program is intended to create tutorials.

Thank you for your suggestion about smth like fraps, I will forward it to our developers.

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Registered: 28.10.2010
28.10.10 19:00:49
To: alodude

It is possible to use AVS Screen Capture to record a game if the game can be played in a window.
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Registered: 26.11.2010
29.11.10 03:43:40
To: alodude

It is possible to use AVS Screen Capture to record a game if the game can be played in a window.

Run the Screen Capture then run the game. Alt+tab the game to start AVS Screen Capture and then get back to game.

To stop recording press Alt+ Tab again and save the video.

Note that you must have a hi-end system to record video, since it requires a lot of processing power. Also almost all of the modern games have a built-in video recording feature, like StarCraft, Half-Life, Call of Duty, etc. Turn to the game manual or game support for more info how to activate it.
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Registered: 10.07.2014
10.07.14 17:18:23
I have had similar problems using the video capture to record video games. The capture will start just fine, and it tracks all of my internet and casual programs like Word, but whenever I attempt to open any type of full-screen video game, it just shows the desktop with my mouse moving around and clicking, although it does capture the game audio. Is this an issue of file format? I have tested several games (including Sims 3, Dead Space, and Bioshock Infinite), all from different developers, but the editor doesn't seem to be "hooking" onto any of them. Help?
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Registered: 03.07.2008
18.07.14 12:47:50
To: richar_a2

Dear user,

We are sorry for any inconvenices caused, but there may be some problems recording video in full screen mode.
Our developers are working on this issue now.

Thank you for cooperation and understanding.

Kind regards
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Registered: 19.07.2014
09.08.14 16:44:30
To: Nat

Thank you for confirming this. Will this be corrected on the new version update?
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Registered: 15.10.2013
20.08.14 12:29:05
To: mikewashtm


To avoid this issue, we would recommend you try to save the captured video in the alternative format. To do it, please follow Capture Screen > Settings > Video and choose the alternative format. Please mind that when you select the AVI file format you will get an uncompressed .avi file. It gives the best video quality but the file size is very large. Make sure that the free disk space within the temporary directory is enough to store captured video files.

Also, we do not recommend to capture videos in a full-screen mode. For a better quality just re-size a capture screen. The instructions can be found under this link.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us once again.

Best regards.
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