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Registered: 26.05.2010
26.05.10 21:49:08
Hi there,

I've been using Video Convertor with our 1-year license on a number of VMWare instances, and am now deleting them so that the license is only one one PC which will be used solely to convert videos. I've recieved the note regarding having AVS installed on too many computers; is there a way to de-register other installs, because I will not be using them?

Also, the computer that will be running the software has multiple users on it that will need to use the software to convert. I wish to make a custom profile so that I can use a certain codec with a certain bitrate a default profile, and in fact, the only profile (if this isn't possible, then at least have the profile available to the users). Whereabouts are the profiles located? Maybe I did something wrong, but I couldn't find the preset I'd created when I logged into a different user on the local machine.

So to sum up: Need to make it so that this one PC is the only one with the software on it, and then make a new preset, and have it available for all users.

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27.05.10 04:26:38
To: cen-it

You'll get the answer on your first question to your e-mail, as according to the forum rules all questions related to AVS4YOU software license should not be posted on the forum.

Custom profiles are created on one user account on your PC and you'll need to create the profile for each user account you intent to use it on.

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