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Registered: 19.04.2010
19.04.10 20:47:30
Is it just me or does Video Converter always deinterlace? Starting with a nice crisp TS file from my Humax FoxSat I can clearly see the toothcomb artifacts and the image is very crisp. After conversion to MPEG2, the toothcomb artifacts are gone and the crispness is gone too. Now converting the same TS file with Cyberlink Power Director generates a crisp transcoded mpg file with toothcomb artifacts still present and a nice crisp image. It may well be that Video Converter performs some smoothing rather than full blown deinterlace... but I like to preserve the crispness of the original file.

In other words I prefer the transcoding to be as lossless as possible. Vide Editor 4.2 produces exactly the same results, ie the original crisp file loses its sharpness and toothcomb artifacts are gone after conversion. This loss of crispness does not happen when transcoding progressive videos, only with interlaced. So there is clearly some proceesing in there which is designed to do some sort of smoothing on interlaced files. This is not a good idea (IMO) because it means that each time you run an interlaced file through Video Converter some quality is lost. Transcoding should be as lossless as possible. If users wish to deinterlace or smooth in some way they can always use the DeInterlace filter?

Needless to say I am not at all keen on Cyberlink Power Director. I find Video Converter much more powerful and easy to use. So I would rather use Video Converter instead of the bloated Power Director! But Power Director is more lossless. Has anybody else noticed this? Of course we can get true lossless editing by using Video Remaker 2.4 (version 3 is not good IMO and I will post on that later), or dare I say it VideoRedo, but these obviously provide no editing effects and no conversions either since there is little actual transcoding as such (except at the mark in and mark out frames).

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26.04.10 07:36:15
To: simonscat


Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, you are right, AVS software always deinterlaces video automatically. It allows to get smooth video for output. If you wish to keep interlacing you should use AVS Video ReMaker for editing video.

As far as I can understand, you are not satisfied with the quality of deinterlacing which AVS software performs. Could you please attach screenshots of interlaced crisp original video frame and the result of it's conversion in AVS Video Converter?

Best regards.
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