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Registered: 01.03.2010
01.03.10 12:43:49

I have recently paid for and downloaded your products. i have used video editor and then used video converter on a saved vep4 file. Today I went to convert another saved vep4 file to avi and the video converter said incorrect file format so i could not upload it to the video converter. i also tried with the previous vep4 file that I had converted the day before. But no..I could not upload that also.!! I am running a website here and want to get my videos converted and up to vimeo for embedding on our website.
Please send me support at your earliest convenience.
Thank you
Heather Reiss
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01.03.10 22:50:18
To: heather reiss

You need to open your .vep4 file in AVS Video Editor, click Save Movie.. > File > AVI, choose preset and start conversion.

There is no need to use AVS Video Converter after creating videos in AVS Video Editor, as the output formats in both the programs are the same.

The .vep4 file is not a video, this is a project file contianing links to the files you have used in this particular project. Project files created with a particluar program can be save to video using this program only.

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Registered: 15.12.2010
15.12.10 17:42:40
HELP! I have just begun using AVS4You nad done my first 3 prokects. WHen i saved them they got saved as .vep4 files - I couldn't see how to get any other options. When I went then to use the AVS4You YouTube uploader, it couldn't find the files though they are clearly there. When I tried to use the AVS Convertor, I Browsed and found the files, but when I went to Open them to convert I got a message saying there was a file format error. What on earth is going on and what do I do about it?
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16.12.10 04:56:37
To: pvanreyk@optusnet.com.au


Please read the post above by Nadin, it will help you to solve the problem.

Using the opportuninty we would to inform you that new version AVS Video Editor 5.2 is avaliable on our website www.avs4you.com.

Best regards.
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