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Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
20.12.09 07:21:46

I have this all the time with any dvd.

In Editor-4

I distill a 10 min clip from a 1 hour dvd.

The wanted clip starts in VTS-1 ..and ends in VTS-2

So i need to add both VTS-1 and VTS-2 to the video-line

Now a short (500 mSec ?) audio interruption is heard at the crossover

Only way out of this is to distill the audio from both the VTS files first
and then add it to the audiomix track (WAV)

Now the audio-interuption is gone

but now i new problem occurs.

I try to move the audiomix untill its sync with the video-pic
but when i have it sync for the VTS-1 part then its not for the VTS-2 part
i spend hours but cant fix it.

As always do i also use a zoom-effect which is needed to go from 4:3 to 16:9
this in itself already allways causes a sync-problem so the distract audio and add it to audiomix
is needed for that also.

The audiomix is also needed...cause i cant fade audio in the video-track
i can not even fade it in and out nice when i also add the video to the audiomix
since that causes a loud short audio-burst at the end..to avoid that i need to fade it externally.

So its one problem on top of the other.

What now ?

Please dont ask me to send you files and projects
this must be all be known problems..since it occurs for every DVD/VTS file that consists of 2 parts as above.

I like to add that if you see my postings from the last month
that you see that i have problems with about each type of file that i'm trying to do
they all have some kind of problem...i cannot keep on posting these problems and dont have the time
to send each and every file to you.

You really need you to clean up your act...cause its bad...bad..and...bad

Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
20.12.09 10:22:47

I solved it...in a unusual way:

1) first i adjusted the audiomix-track to be in sync with the 1st VTS-file.
2) Now..as soon as it reaches the second VTS-file ..the video-pic would be out-of-sync (350 mSec to early)
3) So i added an image with a duration of 350 mSec...in between VTS-1 and VTS-2 ..this moves VTS-2 so it becomes in sync.

Voila...not bad..and you hardly notice it..only if you know...appears as 1 or 2 frames missing, good enough for Youtube
at least its now sync on both vts-files ..in preview and after created.

You can either insert a fully black pic..or take a screenshot from the last frame before the break

After you insert the image...editor-4 cuts the audiomix there where you inserted it
the audiomix alwas gets cut up when you insert something to the video-line
i dont know ..it's very annoying and i suppose that is another bug that needs to get repaired.
You can solve it by removing the cut-up pieces and add the audiomix once again.

So ...solved...but this cases showed a lot of bugs that need to be solved.
it did cost me 5 hours of experimenting to figure this out.

Dj Mambito
Posts: 1786
Registered: 22.01.2009
22.12.09 01:30:35
After you insert the image...editor-4 cuts the audiomix there where you inserted it
the audiomix alwas gets cut up when you insert something to the video-line
You can lock the audio mix line prior to adding the new images. This way it won't get affected.

Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
22.12.09 02:13:17
You mean...so it wont get cut...when adding things such as effects to the video-line ?
Posts: 1786
Registered: 22.01.2009
23.12.09 00:01:22
To: janssen

Yes, when you lock a line it remains unaffected (does not get cut) after adding new transitions, files to other lines.
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