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Registered: 13.07.2008
13.07.08 10:38:35
I have wasted a bunch of blank dvds trying to get one to burn, so I tried just pointing the AVS DVD Author to a new folder and see if I could play that using AVS DVDplayer. It acts like it is loading, 20,40,60% then goes back to 20 and repeats the same thing over and over. Should this work? Any ideas what I am doing wrong. I started with a 3 minute mpeg and added two chapters. This is just practice. I am trying to create an hour long video.
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15.07.08 00:12:08
To: kgp@gasoc.com


That is not clear what you wanted to do. If you want to murge some separate files into one, please use AVS Video Converter 6.

For that:
1. Launch AVS Video Converter
2. Choose the input files you want to murge
3. Use the Move up, Move down, Delete and Insert buttons to remove and add files to the list.
4. Select the output file location, format, set the necessary parameters.
5. Convert now!

If you want to create a DVD with a menu and then burn it on a DVD disc, you are absolutely right to choose AVS DVD Authoring. To get more information about creation of the DVD menu and burning the DVD on the DVD disc I'd recommend you to follow the link to AVS Online Help

When you converted your video or built a DVD you can play it using AVS DVD Player. If you converted your files into DVD format, please choose Video_TS.IFO as an input file, to play back with the player.

So, if the problem still remains, please describe it in the detailed way, and we are sure to help you.

Best Regards.
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