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Registered: 07.11.2008
08.01.09 08:40:20
I'm using the Cover Editor to produce DVD and CD labels. For both my printers I need to edit the positioning parameters. This is no problem but I have to alter the parameters every time I print a label. I save the project but even when I go to print a second label I find the parameters have reverted to the default. Can I save these parameter settings with the project so they don't revert to the default?
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Registered: 16.05.2008
11.01.09 04:41:04
To: mitchell65


I find the parameters have reverted to the default. Can I save these parameter settings with the project so they don't revert to the default?

Yes, we know about that issue. That will be solved in the next version of the program.

Best Regards
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Registered: 07.11.2008
11.01.09 05:08:19
To: Dam
Thank You. Will look forward to the next version!
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14.07.10 23:00:01
I've just starting using the cover editor and I have a few questions:

1. Can I customize the size of the center hole? I only have the three options of default, small, and large. And even with Memorex paper selected, the hole size is too large. I'd rather just get rid of the center hole altogether. Can I do that?

2. The printing cuts off at the outside edge of the disc label. I'd like to overlap it so I ensure that there is no gap between the image and the edge of the label. Can I do that?

3. I have Memorex 3200-0424 paper - alot of it. Can you add it to the profiles with the proper center hole diameter (see question no. 1)? The paper allows full face, standard, and center only printing. It doesn't appear the software allows for center only printing.

4. When I go into print settings and make changes to do a quick and dirty b/w print to check for location, the software still prints a HQ full color label, wasting valuable color ink. How can I fix the printer settings and make them stick?

If I can't do these things, I may need to try using a photo-editing software instead so I can customize my labels the way I used to with my old software (that no longer runs thanks to Windows 7). But at least this software almost exactly places the label in the right location on the paper when I print.


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16.07.10 12:50:02
To: chris123

Hello Chris,

Unfortunately, it not possible to customize size of disc labels in AVS Cover Editor. However, our software uses standard sizes for different case labels. Therefore, please specify for which type of DVD case you are creating labels and which disc case template you select in AVS Cover Editor.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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17.07.10 01:58:24
To: Vlad

I am using Memorex 3200-0424 paper. It is not shown in the software profiles, but Memorex 3200-0445 is in the profile list, and is almost exactly compatible except the hole size is too large. My Memorex paper is cut such that a label has a hole size that is equal to the spindel hole of a CD/DVD. If you can add that profile to available profiles, with the proper sized hole, that would solve my problem.

Otherwise I need to find different software that allows me to print labels with the small hole size I have described.

And it would be nice if the print field were just a tad larger than the label so there is no chance of a white gap on the label.

I'm not printing labels for a case, just labels for the DVD itself, as I have a large DVD case with sleeves to store them in.

Hope you can help me out with this one...thanks!
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19.07.10 06:09:29
To: chris123

Please try to use Normal Paper Layout profile (see the screenshot attached).

Infrom if it is suitable for your disks.

Best regards
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