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Registered: 20.11.2008
25.12.08 05:15:19
Like Tailwinds question I too was trying to find out a little about the company beyond the foundation in 2004 & do realize that it is a company that sells hi quality software mainly to do with audio video manipulation.
The software has won praises from computer magazines but also noticed some reports of a few and only a few people having problems trying to get a response to problems trying to install the purchased programs but can assure them, be patient and as long as you have the emails that were sent on purchasing the product that has all the relevant information required to confirm you are a bonafide registered user, will and does achieve the right answers in the end

My story is, purchased the bundle pack from then AVSMEDIA, (not to be confused with AVS Media as 2 different companies) but noticed on the web a avs4you site, when inquired about this, advised same company but different way of supplying the products, only recently there was a problem discovered in one program, a certain file type, the program is compatible with generates an error of file create failure to store the finished project in.
The answer received from support was forthcoming quickly within 24 hours advising that were aware of the issue and an update to the program was to be released shortly. When the advised expected release went by it was only then that had trouble contacting support and some links that previously function 2 weeks ago were now 404 as well as emails going unaswered tried to send through the avs4you contacts with reported failure to find. The answer appears to be that in the last week the web site avsmedia was going through a serious transformation and finally after a week of frustration received an answer from the one contact that received a reply from and was advised my details could not be found on their database to which replied with all the right information to able them to find which they have done within 24hrs once again providing what was needed
In this bad time of web attacks and bad online transactions has created a feeling of sometimes having been ripped off but if you send the right information and word the email in a friendly manner will get the right responses as am sure you your self do not like being yelled or threatened verbally or electronically.

One last thing that have not been able to clarify. The answers received from all the contacts so far are from what appears to be Russian people.
Does this mean the company is of Russian origins (this has no bearing on my purchases as before I purchase any software, let my fingers do the Googleing).
A few useful tips before buying software, Google up the name of the software and on the end add things like rip off, sham or problems, depending on the number of hits directly referencing only the software concerned gives bit of an indication if there may be trouble, the higher the number the greater cause for concern.
The age of blogging has created a great tool to find out before you try or buy any software, whether it is good or not.
Another tip is to visit the magazine that the web site carrying the software claims has rated their product.
One other useful tip is that companies that sell a decent product also have a forum, which you can visit and see the sort of statistics and references there, to gauge whether if product is OK & do what you need it to do.
Following a few of this tips and others you discover will give you the confidence to purchase from a company.
My experiences have only been a positive one with Online Technology LTD.
Remember 1 point can't make everybody happy
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