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Registered: 05.11.2009
05.11.09 13:26:26
I captured footage from my Sony high def Z1U onto my computer with AVS capture. It is an ideal capture interface because we capture small clips at a time and the AVS software is about as simple to use is anything. But the mpg2 footage has a black frame all around it and is jerky on playback. Is there something I should know about settings to prevent this. When we capture in native format it works fine. But in recommended format, it is 10 times slower in render. So all we want to do is capture footage in mpg2, import that into Architect, and make a simple DVD, in good quality 720x480, letter box. What are we doing wrong? The reason we are using mpg2 instead of dv is speed. Rendering from mpg2 take far less time to render to a DVD.
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05.11.09 23:07:19
To: thomasprod

Try using AVS Video Recorder 2.4 instead. This is a new version of AVS Video Capture and has improved functionality.
In case the problem with jerky playback persists please write back.

As for the "black frame" (mattes), it seems that you have set a wrong aspect, try choosing other presets (with a different resolution) under MPEG2 tab.

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