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Registered: 27.10.2009
27.10.09 07:10:19
Hi. I desparately need help.

I am going crazy with the dvd authoring. All I have been using very user friendly uead dvd authoring program.
But Now I have switch to AVS Authroing and the nightmare started!

This is the normal process I follow:
1) Edit video and output as m2v file. The file is transcoded by your editing software. It ouputs compressed version of
.m2v file for vidoe and corresponding .wav file.
2) Fire up DVD authroing program and import m2v and .wav file into the time line.
3) Do you menus, chapters etc
4) Link menu to chapters
5) Preview your DVD before cutting
6) Cut dvd.

In AVS authoring, I cannot get past step 1! I am able import m2v file but how do I import .wav file for the video?

Mind you if I import avi file which contains both video/audio, the program will take it. But I don't want that as it takes
too long. My editing softare alreayd has done the job of converting to m2v file.

In this avs dvd authoring how do I add audio file? I checked everything and I can't seem to find way to add audio. Am I going crazy or what?
Please help me solve this problem.
I cannot imagine tha your program will not allow me to import m2v and wav file!

thankyou in advance for your prompt attention in this matter.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
28.10.09 03:59:47
In AVS authoring, I cannot get past step 1! I am able import m2v file but how do I import .wav file for the video?
This is impossible to combine audio with video in AVS DVD Authoring, as this program is intended for creating DVD menus and there are no video editing functions, auch as adding music to video, splitting etc. These are available in AVS Video Editor.

We'd still recommend using the original AVI file, as this way you must get a better quality output video.

Best regards
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Registered: 27.10.2009
28.10.09 11:23:59
To: nadin

Hi nadin,
Please note, I am not editing the file. The m2v file is for DVD. This is common for all major dvd authoring programs
like encore, ulead workshop. m2v is for DVD video and WAV is corresponding audio file.

Please note AVS dvd accepts the m2v file. I can see the video. I can put chapter points etc. But it will not take audio.
Can you advise?
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Registered: 22.01.2009
30.10.09 07:43:15
To: anil.lad@gmail.com

Probably, an option to import both video file and audio file for video will be available in the future versions of AVS DVD Authoring. Currently, there is no such option, unfortunately.

Best regards
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