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Registered: 23.07.2008
23.07.08 20:08:08
i purchased the video converter 6 software and each time i try and download a movie it's in the avi or the divx format. once i download the movie to my computer and try and use the video converter each time i get something like use the dom player.com to get the recommended media player. why do i need to try and use that if the software i purchased from you is suppose to let me conver videos and burn them.
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Registered: 16.05.2008
24.07.08 02:17:07
To: jelksa


Apparently, you downloaded the protected files, that's why the dom player iis required to open and playback them.

That is not the Video Converter error.

Best Regards.
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Registered: 04.01.2009
04.01.09 12:59:46
]-:)my pictures have been modified in picasa and saved to pictures. these pics are all jpeg.
the converter is suppose to convert so I can play on my DVD playerwhen I browse for the input file it pulls up all the jpeg file . and copies them.
How do I set up output file to convert to play on my dvd player?????????????
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Registered: 16.05.2008
08.01.09 03:07:53
To: blackjack111


AVS Video Converter does not support image/picture formats.

How do I set up output file to convert to play on my dvd player?

I'd recommend you to create a dvd slide show with AVS Video Editor 4. Please use our Online Help sections for the how-to-do information.

Best Regards
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