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21.06.09 14:03:29
I have some old family home video from VHS/beta that I transferred to a dvd-r a couple years back recorded in an lp format or 204 min of running video burnt to the dvd. In this home video is a section I shot at a picnic back in 1987 and I ran across the guy and his family the other day and told him about this video I have that is probably only 6 minutes in length. He expressed big interest in acquiring this footage.. and I thought it would be fun to transfer that footage (six minutes) to format (.wmv) and then upload it to youtube for his family to see today., BUT these videos files encoded on the disc are VTS_01, have me knowing that I should convert them over to another format so I could in effect go into say Windows Movie maker and then be able to 'edit' or pull this footage out to save it to another form and then upload that..
BUT when I use my software of Convertxtodvd it wants to convert the whole thing., and if I use AVS4You video Converter 6 to transfer the vts files to .avi it works out to a staggering 9.7 GB and the program stalls out and says it is not a valid source.. ?
any ideas from my smart friends here at avs4for forum that can guide me to the right type format or the right direction in editing out and capturing 6 minutes of video from a 200 min VTS_01 folder??? ,,,, to either .wmv or .avi ??
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22.06.09 00:37:45
To: tradewindsm@shaw.ca

The DVD must contain VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. The files that VIDEO_TS folder contains are .IFO, .VOB and .BUP files. In order to convert the movie using AVS Video Converter, please select VIDEO_TS.IFO file from the disc as an input file. If you get an error when opening this file, please attach a screenshot of the error. Make sure the disc is correct and not copy-protected.

Using AVS Video Converter you can edit the file, compress it and then upload the converted file to YouTube with AVS YouTube Uploader.

Best regards
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