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Registered: 05.05.2009
07.05.09 09:14:52
In your documentation you state that I should use the IFO file from a DVD because it contains all the movie files references I need for converting the movie. Video, audio, synchronization are preserved. But what if I only want the core part of the film? How do I remove the unwanted VOB files from the movie copy i want to create. Unwanted parts being, Previews, warnings etc.? and still maintain synchronicity ( tha's a big word!) ? Ususally in most films there are 3 or 4 VOB files that I want to use. Thanx for any assisstance. Jim
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12.05.09 00:26:58
But what if I only want the core part of the film?
Still choose VIDEO_TS.IFO as an input file. You will be able to select the title you need to convert by clicking on Advanced > File Information and choosing the appropriate title in Video > Track. Use the preview window in order to make sure you have chosen the right part of the movie.

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