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Registered: 22.01.2009
26.06.09 04:03:16
To: marco.tinnirello

Thank you for the detailed explanation of the problem :-)
Unfortunately, the files you have attached cannot be opened. Please could you upload them to our FTP server.
You will be contacted per e-mail soon.
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Registered: 25.06.2009
26.06.09 13:20:17
To: nadin


That's weird - no idea why you can't open those:-(

Anyway, have got your mail, and have uploaded 2 files for you to you look at - renamed on your FTP server to "marco tinnirello 1.mp4" and "marco tinnirello 2.mp4".

Also replied to your mail (some more info in that).

Thanks so far - really hope you find out what's going on and can help *SUPER*

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Registered: 25.06.2009
26.06.09 14:07:27
To: marco.tinnirello

Ok, some more info (and maybe a solution).

I realised that I'm running a 1.86ghz processor, and checking the min system requirements, AVS recommend a 2.5ghz.

So, I loaded a trial version onto another laptop as a test (which is dual core 2.26ghz), and it is much much much better.

The transitions aren't great, but hey, it'll all software realtime rendering, so I can understand that and expect it.

So, I think it's down to my processor on my laptop not being powerful enough to allow the software decode of the (CPU intensive) HD video I'm trying to preview.

It also explains why the rendered video (which I alway render much lower bitrate for upload to web) plays fine (as the CPU can handle decoding the lower bit rates just fine).

It does, however, leave one question; How come the zoom player or windows media player can decode it ok? My guess - the codec used (from cccp) is a more efficiently implemented video decoder.

Please can you confirm from your programmers how the video is decoded - is it using *your* software with an embedded decoder in your application?

If the answer is I need a new laptop (I don't want to install AVS video editor on my more powerful work laptop), I'll be a little upset, but then maybe it's time for that apple mac book pro afterall ;-)

AVS Support, please continue to look into this, as I'd like to see if there's anything we can do to get this working on my existing machine.

Many thanks

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Registered: 22.01.2009
29.06.09 01:06:29
So, I think it's down to my processor on my laptop not being powerful enough to allow the software decode of the (CPU intensive) HD video I'm trying to preview.
This must be the problem. The preview in AVS Video Editor requires much more system resources than a simple video player. It allows you to preview the results of your work: all the effects, transitions, so the decoding is organized in a different way. This also explains why the videos play fine in WMP and other players, as well as the converted file is OK.

Therefore in order to preview files in a more efficient way, you will need a more powerful processor.

I'll be a little upset, but then maybe it's time for that apple mac book pro afterall
Note that our software does not support Mac OS.

Best regards
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Registered: 24.07.2010
24.07.10 18:49:47
I downloaded the most recent version of AVS Editor 4 and am working with m2ts files (HD). The video playback is very choppy in the preview window. Can the player handle HD files or am I stuck having to edit SD files? My specs are:

Dell Dimension 9100
3.0 Ghz, Dual core
1 GB Nvidia Video Card
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Registered: 03.07.2008
27.07.10 03:47:59
To: jmurph71

Unfortunately for now there is a problem with playback of HD files on the preview window of AVS Video Editor, but it does not influence anyhow the output files.

This problem will be corrected in the next version of AVS Video Editor we are planning to release in a month. In the new version preconversion of HD files will be implemented, so that on preview you will be able to view files preconverted in lower quality, but save from the original high definition video.

What you can do at the moment, is convert your file to a lower quality preset and only then edit the videos in AVS Video Editor, but this will reduce the quality, unfortunately.

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Registered: 08.05.2009
19.09.10 16:37:00
Ok, this is what I have figured:

AVS products do not use any externally installed codecs. This is unfortunate!

AVS Video Editor playback is choppy/jerky because they do not do what some other popular video editors do, that is "cache" the video being edited or convert it into lower quality video for editing playback. Basically they have to create a lower quality copy of the video that you are editing in the background and use it for editing playback only, while your output is still created from original higher quality video.

Or they can allow us to use external codecs, PLEASE!

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Registered: 29.01.2012
20.09.10 07:20:35
To: snpiee

You can select external codecs when in Advanced option, when you produce video, see the screenshot attached.

Do you use the latest version AVS Video Editor 5.1.? Cashing feature is avaliable in it. Note that when you import HD file into Media Library, the program will cash it. This allows to playback video smoothly on preview while edit the file.

I hope it helps.

Best regards.
Attached files:
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Registered: 29.11.2010
29.11.10 02:41:50
I think I fell like an echo in here, yes, choppy choppy and unmatched audio to video. I made a PERFECT video and now I can't produce it!
This is after I completely wiped my drive and reinstalled everything per your specifications.
My m2ts footage is shot on the Sony HD SR12, the playback in the video editor is perfect, but when I try to PRODUCE, it goes choppy and unalined.
I have a fast 1500 rpm Western Digital hard drive, Intel Core 2 Duo, and two sticks of RAM, using Windows XP. I had a CHEEP program, Video Director, that never gave me problems like this, and they have a LIVE HELP DESK, which I paid for and enjoyed the help. Yes, I am complaining. If I can't produce this video, I want my money back. I think I am entitled, but would rather get the job done.
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Registered: 29.11.2010
29.11.10 02:46:43
To: Vlad
I have selected in the settings to permanently catch the files, but that didn't make a difference.
Now I have to see about this Codecs business. I would expect a long list of what a person has to do to make this program PRODUCE properly, upon purchase.
However, I expect that ongoing development needed to be funded, so we get to fight the "learning curve".
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Registered: 29.01.2012
30.11.10 11:46:35
To: videokid


We will be glad to help you with the problem.

Could you please specify which format you produce your video to and what exact preset with output settings you select?

Also, please check properties of your m2ts files (clicking right mouse button on the file>Properties), what is the framerate (fps) of your m2ts?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.
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24.01.11 20:49:42
To: Vlad

Look Vlad, everything is great about the AVS Video Editor except the preview of hd files! Can't you just make an option for using external codecs to play files in the preview window? Because obviously your built in codecs are not working well. And there seems to be many many people who agree with me. Just trying to help! Thats all. Thanks
Support Manager
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25.01.11 00:53:31
To: i_lov2xlr8

Do you mean that the program doesn't play your video smoothly after cashing?
Because obviously your built in codecs are not working well

Thanks for the info, could you please provide us with any additional info.
Usage of external codecs for preview is currently unavailable, but I appreciate your taking the time to offer us this feedback and encourage you to continue to let us know how we can improve our products.
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Registered: 15.02.2011
15.02.11 10:33:36
We are using avs 5.2 video editor on a Dell 755, duo core, 3.0, 8 gig mem, 7200 sata HD, windows 7, 64 bit... the video playback in the preview pane is choppy to the point that we cannot use the application. Are there any solutions for this problem?
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Registered: 29.01.2012
16.02.11 06:04:48
To: buggin


What is the format, size and origin of the files you work with? Are they HD videos? Could you please attach a screenshot of file properties (Media Library>right click on the file>Properties).

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05.06.13 23:37:46
when i put hd videos in the avs editor they become choppy and destroyed.
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Registered: 05.06.2013
05.06.13 23:42:57
To: derack34
its been years here i see, and still no update for when you put in HD videos. The HD videos get destroyed even on the preview. Everything in the menu takes long to load.
 Questions concerning purchase and activation of the software should not be posted on the forum, according to Forum Rules.
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