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Registered: 17.11.2022
28.11.22 16:23:39
I have a video file, and I would like to CUT OUT some small portions of it.
I do not want to TRIM.
I want, for example, to CUT OUT from the original video, a portion from 10 minutes and 32 seconds to 11 minutes and 12 seconds. I want these 50 seconds to cut them from the original video, discard them and keep the rest of the file intact.
I tried trimming, but it did work as it did the opposite. Kept the selected portion and discarded the rest of the good file.
Please help.
Thank you.
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Registered: 08.09.2009
02.12.22 18:29:30
To: igeorge@rogers.com

For your purposes, with AVS4YOU apps You can choose different ways:

1) use "Trim Start" and "Trim End" function in AVS Video Converter - to remove selected part from output video;

2) use "Split" function twice and "Delete Object" in AVS Video Editor;

3) use "Multi Trim" function in AVS Video Editor;

4) use "Split" function twice and "Delete Object" in AVS Video ReMaker;

5) use "Trim" (really "Multi Trim") function in AVS Video ReMaker.
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