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Registered: 31.01.2009
31.01.09 17:23:40
I spent 6 hours making a movie that has a quick deadline and did it with the free download which was Video editor 3.5. I went to the buy now tab under help and was redirected to the website where I paid for the software. They sent me a code that did not work with version 3.5 and the e-mail said to download the latest software and it provided a link. I downloaded that software which turned out to be version 4.1. So then I tried to open my project and it gave me the error message that the file is missing or corrupt. I can open the project fine with the first download the only problem is that it is not registered and if I try to burn a copy it shows the watermark on the movie. I have e-mailed support and have recieved no response so if anyone can help me I would appreciate it.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
10.02.09 02:42:07
To: saskwan82@yahoo.com

We apologize for not replying earlier.

Unfortunately, projects created in AVS Video Editor 3.5. cannot be opened in v.4. The previous version of the program is outdated and it is not available for download on our website anymore. Therefore, unfortunately, you will have to create your project from scratch. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.
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Registered: 18.04.2009
18.04.09 02:25:11
To: nadin

got the same problem since I had to rebuild my PC - I had to upgrade my version and it does not accept a 10h-timespent project.

No very clever on this one]-:)
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Registered: 22.01.2009
19.04.09 23:10:34
To: sglondon@club-internet.fr

We do understand your disappointment, but due to some bugs found in AVS Video Editor 3.5 it has been removed from our website. Unfortunately, it can function erratically when used along with the other newest AVS programs, so we`d insistently recommend you using the latest version of AVS Video Editor instead.

Best regards
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