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Registered: 20.06.2022
20.06.22 04:43:04
Hello - we had a file nearly completed - and saved along the way to ensure our changes were being kept. Suddenly AVS crashed. When we reopen the software it wants to pull from a backup. If we don't say yes - an error comes up. It recovers the last known backup which is NOT the last saved version of the file. We can SEE the file we last modified in our file explorer. When we try to open that particular file it keeps crashing the program. We have lost SO much work and have a deadline for Wednesday evening. We are now experiencing nothing but crashes - have to start over and really don't have the time. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated. We saved every few minutes specifically because this program crashes A LOT! We need that file to open. This program has been so maddening. Like someone else mentioned, if we weren't so deep into it, we'd look for something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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20.06.22 16:36:41
To: emicklethwaite

There may have been a failure while writing your project .vep-file (VEP - Video Editor Project) to disk. And now your project .vep-file is corrupted.

VEP file has XML format, so VEP file is a renamed XML file (.xml -> .vep).

I'll try to help you...

We need:
1) your corrupted .vep file (where you saved it),
2) its backup .autosave copy (in folder C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\AVS4YOU\AVSVideoEditor\Temp ).

Please pack the .vep and .autosave files in ZIP archive and attach .zip file to your message in the forum...
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Registered: 20.06.2022
22.06.22 02:44:14
To: RomaRio
I sent another response but I don't see it here. We had to rebuild the file. Our deadline is tomorrow night. NOW IT HAS CRASHED AGAIN!! And we have lost EVERYTHING!! What the heck is wrong with your software??!! And why don't you have a phone number for emergency situations?!! I looked for the temp directory. IT IS NOT THERE!! Everything is fine, until it isn't. We were saving, got the error, and it's stuck in save mode. The file size is 256KB. This is UNBELIEVABLE! WE WANT A REFUND!! I have no idea how we're going to make this work now by tomorrow. I can't even express how MAD AND FRUSTRATED I AM - and the customer service is NON EXISTENT!
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24.06.22 08:16:04
To: emicklethwaite

Dear user,

Please continue discussing the issue via AVS4YOU Support System, your manager provided you with the necessary instructions and asked for some info which can help us to resolve your issue - we are ready to help you and we will appreciate your cooperation.

Moreover, we don't accept refunds requests on the forum - only via AVS4YOU Support System, as you will need to provide your registration data, which is confidential.

Best regards
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Registered: 20.06.2022
24.06.22 22:20:00
To: Joshka

The deadline is gone and done...so nothing you can say at this point makes anything better. Your 48 hour response time and no phone customer service doesn't help much when you're facing a deadline. We had yet another crash the night before, but we were able to recover it. I will ask for a partial refund in the link you provided. Partial only because we were able to show the slide show - but we want a refund. We will never use this software again. Other comments found in this forum substantiates that decision....as if the MANY critical crashes we had weren't enough. FYI - we were on V8 of having to save every single time to a different file just so the file we were working in didn't corrupt itself. Worst software ever.

And worst forum ever - I had to do a search just to find my own original post in order to reply. When opening the email notification sent by AVS it doesn't allow you to reply. It just shows you the response. It's like you guys do everything you can to avoid solving a problem.
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Registered: 20.06.2022
24.06.22 22:23:17
And to further the complications - I click on you link you state to request a refund - it takes me back to Catherine's response, which isn't even in this string and I'm UNABLE TO RESPOND!!

This is a joke. Refund us fully, or I'm disputing the credit card charge. Once disputed, I'm sure you can find the registration data. I'm sure you can pull it up by our last name too. Or, maybe you could send a link where I can actually reply and move the process along.
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