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Registered: 30.01.2009
30.01.09 03:00:26
I sent an email in yesterday before I found out about the forum. I also didn't know that your english was not very good So I will try to simplify.

1) Add input box to proporties for Video Effects and Audio Effects so you can type in the time index markers
Example: Zoom Effect
Zoom ----------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------- 50
X ------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------- 10
Y ------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------- -20

Start 1:32:000 || Fully In 1:36:000 || Begin Out 1:45:000 || End 1:51:000
Keep the slider system too

2) Make it so you can use Video Effects on Video Overlay

3) Take Audio Effects from Video Converter 6 and add them to Video Editor 4 (Also make them work with overlay)
At the very least we need to be able to change the volume of the Main Video and the Overlay Video during the movie

4) Also add input box like I suggested in #1 to MANY other things.
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Registered: 30.01.2009
30.01.09 03:30:36
Sorry for breaking this up into two posts... I'm on a computer at the Mayo Clinic and it forced a reboot. At least it gave me a 15 second notice.

5) Make it so Text effects can read directly from text files. This is helpful for people like me who are making movies every week of performances and need can save time by having text files filled out in advance with the names of the performers for the credits at the end of each movie.

6) Also add the input boxes to Video Converter 6

And make sure you keep the video and audio effects in converter too... I ment have them in both... HUGE time saver. Right now i have to Rip my weekly recording in Converter 6, then import to Editor 4, then render and open with Converter 6, then import into editor again, to finish the job and render again. By the time I'm done I'm looking at about 30 hours of just waiting for the rendering. If it's all in BOTH places I only have to use each program once per movie and can render in one night while I sleep.
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02.02.09 05:34:30
To: Asteron

Thank you for the suggestions. I will forward them to our developers.

Best Regards
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