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Registered: 05.03.2020
05.03.20 12:20:24
OK, I don't have a great laptop. It's an Acer Aspire 5349. The processor is an Intel celeron B815, 1.60 ghz and it has 4gb of ram. Now when I open AVS Video editor after a few seconds of trying to cut and edit, the program freezes but everything else is fine, I can still use the internet and such. I started the task manager and I noticed that the CPU would go to 100 when I try to edit and the physical memory stays at about the 30 mark. Is my CPU just too weak to edit with or would adding some more ram help me out? Once I close the Editor the CPU usage drops back down to a small percentage. I fear my laptop is just too bad for editing, but I thought I would get the opinion of somebody who actually knows what they're talking about.
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Registered: 08.09.2009
05.03.20 16:34:09
To: blacklucas1

Unfortunately, it's a very weak computer for good video processing. This CPU has low computing performance and reduced feature set (without Intel Quick Sync - hardware acceleration for video).

If you want to edit Full HD video (or even HD video), it’s better to choose a more powerful computer. Your computer is more suitable for processing SD video (640x480, etc.).
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