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Registered: 09.12.2008
09.12.08 09:17:21
I imported a DAT file, edited it, and saved it, once as MPEG and once as DIVx. IN both cases, it created a file, after giving me the message that there would be a watermark because this is the trial version. But when I try to play it back, using Nero or Quicktime, all I get is a black screen, though the audio plays fine.
What am I doing wrong?
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Registered: 16.05.2008
11.12.08 01:47:43
To: e@auersperg.ca


- please try to visualize the output video in the AVS Video Editor 4 preview.
- precise the preset you chose to save the video
- we will also glad to receive the output video. Please upload it to our FTP server. I will sed the FTP information to your e-mail.

Best Regards
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Registered: 17.01.2011
17.01.11 10:43:28
I've converted various formats in AVS Video Converter 7 to swf files. On playback, after about 10 minutes, the video freezes while the audio continues. I'm running 64 bit windows 7 on an i7 quad core. Can someone help me with this?
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Registered: 29.01.2012
18.01.11 08:08:59
To: wesseavey

Which flash player do you use to play resulted swf files? Try different.
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