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Registered: 07.11.2008
08.12.08 05:26:34
I have a Sony camcorder that records to DVD mini discs. The camera has no PC connector. I had a lot of trouble loosing quality when converting the IFO files to AVI or similar. Then I found that I could import the IFO file direct into AVS Video Editor with no loss of quality. I do all my editing in this format and just convert when finished according to what I want the video for. As there is only one coversion per video the loss of qhuality is minimal. I have only used this one camera so am not sure if this is the normal way of working. Can you always download the IFO file from all cameras? I thought this post might be of interest to other complete newbies like me!
P.S. What a brilliant suite of progs!
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08.12.08 08:16:54
To: mitchell65


In fact, that is not clear what is your target.

I had a lot of trouble loosing quality when converting the IFO files to AVI or similar.

What for? Please precise, and we will find a solution.

Can you always download the IFO file from all cameras?

IFO that is a DVD format file. That is supported by AVS software. Moreover we recommend to use video_ts.ifo file as an input DVD file.

So, please describe your aim, and we wil lfind a response.

Best Regards
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08.12.08 08:31:10
To: Dam

Sorry I seem to have given the wrong impression. I have absolutely no problems with the software. I was just pointing out how easy it is to import the IFO file and edit that. I gathered from many posts on the Forum that some users seem to convert the video file first and then edit that thereby loosing a little quality!
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08.12.08 08:35:44
To: mitchell65

I see *OK*

Thank you for the nice words then!
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26.04.13 14:44:09
Boss dumped this on me. I'm new to online video.

I will be receiving films from contributors whose films are currently still in 35 mm, 8 mm BetaSP, etc. Instead of FedEx-ing all that, I'd like them to provide a download link to, or send me digitized versions of their films in h.264 (for small file size) which I can then convert to one of these formats using AVS4You: wmv, mov webm or flv.

These will then be shown on the web in progressive downloads.

So, when I ask them to take their film to the conversion house to be digitized, what values would you suggest I request of them so that the parameters (listed below) of the h.264 versions they will send me will standaridized and workable in AVS4You? And please tell me which other parameters you think I need to specify, in addition to the ones below (which I've taken from the Advanced screen of AVS4You). Thank you for your help. Newbie tip of the hat!

codec: h.264
frame size:
frame rate:

Audio Codec:
Sample Rate
Sample Size:
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29.04.13 08:01:25
To: FourWords

Dear user,

You can find the list of supported video formats following the link below:

Video bitrate, frame rate, frame size and format may be different, you may choose any that is most suitable for you, but the higher the bitrate of the video - the higher its quality and size, note that please.

To reserve the quality of the video after conversion please choose the input file bitrate, frame rate and frame size for the output file, you can do it by clicking on the Advanced button of AVS Video Converter.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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