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Registered: 22.06.2014
22.06.14 14:23:44
I'm having problems converting AVIs created using Camstudio 2.0. It doesn't seem to matter what codec I select, I achieve the same unusable results. I want to embed the movie in a Powerpoint. (Experience suggests WMV works better if the presentation has to be displayed on various computers.) The movies were captured using Camstudio 2.0 selecting various codecs, Microsoft Video 1, Cinepak and Intel Indeo.

With the Camstudio input files, AVS Converter V7.1 and V8.5 both produce files that look like really poor signal strength digital TV; no discernable picture, mostly black or grey, a few blocks of white that jump around. I've tried converting to other formats, e.g. MP4, and achieved the same result. Therefore I tentatively suggest the problem is associated with reading the input file. I've tried installing AVS converter on another PC (accepting the trial version watermark) as a test. Same problem. Any idea of a fix?

VLC reports the following info on the Camstudio input files:

CODEC: Microsoft Video 1 (CRAM)
Resolution 1124x660
Frame Rate 200
Decoded format 15 bits RGB

CODEC: Cinepak video (cvid)
Resolution 1126x662
Frame rate 200
Decoded format: 24 bits RGB

CODEC: Indeo Video v4 (IV41)
Resolution 1128x664
Frame rate 200
Decoded format: Planar 4:1:0 YUV

For info. VLC plays all the the input files OK on multiple PCs.

For all 3 input formats, AVS produces files with the following info (via VLC)

Windows media video 9 (WMV3)
Movie resolution is 320x240
Frame rate is 25
Decoded format is Planar 4:2:0 YUV

All PCs are running Windows XP SP3.

I'm grateful for any suggestions,

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26.06.14 06:29:02
To: TimL

Dear Tim,

Sorry for the delay in reply.

Please send us the following screenshot so we could assist you:
import the Camstudio video files into AVS Video Converter by clicking on the Browse button, press Advanced, choose Conversion options tab - make screenshot and send it to us.

To make a screenshot, please,
- press PrtScn to copy the screenshot to the clipboard;
- open a graphics editing program (e.g. Microsoft Paint, select Start\Run..., enter 'mspaint' and press OK to start it);
- press Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot from the clipboard;
- save the image in PNG format;
- attach the image file to your message.

Thank you for cooperation.

Best regards.
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16.08.14 17:56:49
To: TimL

Hi Tim, any updates about the screen shots here yet? Or were you able to find a work around instead?
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