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Registered: 24.10.2008
23.11.08 14:29:59
I have a mov file to convert, and some frames to cut out. The trial software converts fine, but I don't see that it can crop the file before or after conversion. It's a 3 minute video where the camera came off the sebjucet for the last few seconds and I just need it taken out. If this product can do this, I'll but it. Or if anyone has a suggestion on where to go or what to use, I'd appriciate it.

Thank you,
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Registered: 16.05.2008
24.11.08 08:00:08
To: hardinsolutions@gmail.com


As far as I understand, you want to cut of a piece of the video.

For that you can use AVS Video Converter 6 or AVS Video ReMaker, if you just want to cut out some episode, withiut reconversion.

For the detailed information how-to-do-it, please follow this link to AVS Online Help.

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