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Registered: 11.09.2013
13.09.13 18:53:12
I am facing lot of issues with the video editor (bought with unlimited license).

My OS is Win8. I started working with M2TS sources, and cutting them and creating my video, I had several time some problem (application crashed with "Windows will close the application bla bla..." window). Anyway I was almost able, loosing LOT OF TIME, to do a first draft of my video.
Then I had the evil idea to create 1 minute and 3 seconds of collage of 3 videos on screen (one video runing on the top of the screen and two on the bottom). And this leaded to a nightmere. Exception windows with "External Exception EEFFACE", multiple crashes, I was completely unable to finished that part of video.

Looking to the forum, I found that sometimes there are problems with codecs, and that you provide register keys to disable the use of external codecs. I run the script, but nothing happened. I wasted everythig and I used AVS Video Converter to convert M2TS into MPEG2 FullHd.
Nothing changed even redoing all the video from scratch. So I took the previous project and I just try to encode that 1m3s of video, but I got another famous error, 65536.

Now I don't know what else I can do.

PS: the pc is new, I tried also to reinstall AVS Video Editor, so I would say I have the last version
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Registered: 11.09.2013
16.09.13 00:54:58
To: IlMaestro

Breaking news: I am unable to start the application, cause one second after its start, it crashed, even if I try loading a project...
I am going to reinstall everything again. But I hope you will have a final solution (different from "Please, change the editing software")
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Registered: 15.02.2013
16.09.13 08:40:36
To: IlMaestro

Dear customer,

Your request has been answered in On-line support system http://support.avs4you.com/support.aspx.

Should you need any further assistance feel free to contact us.

Best regards
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Registered: 18.10.2013
30.10.13 16:21:10
To: Tess

You should make this answer puplic, so I can use this solution... I'm in trouble :(
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Registered: 03.07.2008
31.10.13 11:30:42
To: nhenaorhed7

Dear user,

We need the detailed information about the problems you have so we could give you a resolution:
- specify the program you use aznd its version,
- describe your actions step by step and specify the moment the problem occurs,
- specify the error messages if you get any,
- specity the format and origin of the files you use, what format you select for the output.

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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