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Registered: 21.07.2013
23.07.13 00:51:17
I had a 6 gig MTS file from a recording of a friend's band. I used AVS Video Editor to split it, then "produced" it, which took about 5 hours or so. When I went to play the file through AVS video player, it played just fine. But when playing it in windows media player, the sound and video were out of sync about 1-2 seconds... anyone know why that would be?

I had the same problem about a week ago and was told to uninstall AVS, then used the uninstall clean up tool, then re-installed the newest AVS. STILL having those same problems. Is anyone else having that same problem?

I apologize ahead of time if there is a topic on that and I didn't see it. I also sent tech an email stating I had this problem last night and STILL haven't heard back from them. I had almost payed more to use Sony Vegas before I got this program, and decided to go with AVS. I hope I don't have to pay the amount of Sony Vegas because this one doesn't work. I think it's a great editing progrqam, easy, etc. It's just that the final product SHOULD work. maybe it's a simple fix?

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23.07.13 07:32:21
To: b12l19@yahoo.com

Dear user,

Your question has been answered in AVS Support System, please follow the given recomendations.

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