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Registered: 18.05.2008
05.10.08 06:59:28

I'm using the Audio Recorder (I downloaded the latest version today) to record some music from old media. After a while, I get an "Out of Memory" error and an "Invalid Pointer operation" error.

When I have a look at the Windows Task Manager, I see that the Audio Recorder has allocated all my memory. So I stopped the Recorder via the tast manager and started it again.

When I record some audio, the memory usage of the Audio Recorder continuesly raises. Then I stop my recording. The memory usage is for example at about 500MB now. I move the mp3 file to another folder and delete the file from the files list of the Audio Recorder. The memory usage of the Audio Recorder is still at 500MB. When I now record a second file, the memory usage starts to raise again starting at the old point of 500MB. It looks that the allocated memory of the Audio Recorder is never be freed until I close the application.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

BTW: I have the same problem when using the Audio Editor. I record a file, save it, remove it from the editor and the memory is still in use. After a while (a few tracks) the Audio Editor crashes with the same error messages as above.

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Registered: 16.05.2008
06.10.08 04:50:51
To: RunningFrank


we updated AVS Audio Recorder version on our web site, you can download and install it, the memory leakage problem is fixed now.

AVS Audio Editor will be next, I'll write as soon as it is out.

Thanx a lot for your cooperation :-)

Best regards.
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07.10.08 06:00:19
To: alexunder

Thanks! I downloaded the new version of the Audio Recorder yesterday and tried. It seems, all is fine now. *SUPER*

Best Regards
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Registered: 16.05.2008
07.10.08 06:17:51
To: RunningFrank

That's just great!
Thanx a lot for your feedback.
Best regards.
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Registered: 20.01.2011
20.01.11 21:45:16
I just filed a query with support but I think it is worth posting in the forum. I continually run out of memory when using the Audio Editor despite the fact that the files with which I am working are much smaller than the available hard disk space. In the post above, the AVS support person mentioned memory leakage. I don't know what this means but I am wondering if this problem has been fixed. Any reply would be appreciated.
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22.01.11 13:44:26
To: TedTimmis


When exactly do you get this error? I suppose during editing...

What is the format and properties of the file you work with? Are they highly compressed? And how much space do you have exactly on hard drive.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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