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Registered: 16.04.2012
16.04.12 16:44:01
How does one put a number of fade-out and fade-ins within a video so as to separate areas but still have it be one continuous video
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17.04.12 07:59:17
To: randy@vacationcompany.com


If you want to apply option «fade in/fade out» to your video you should follow these steps:
1.add to the storyboard a black color image from the media library (folder “color” ) at the beginning and at the end of necessary part of the video
2.on the storyboard find your added images and click on the right button of the mouse
3.in the appeared menu select option “duration” and make the desired duration
4.click the Transitions button from the Menu Panes and select the «fade solid» and add it on the storyboard between added image and you video
5.on the storyboard find added transition, click on the right button of the mouse
6.in the appeared menu choose option “transition”
7.this option allows you to select the desired duration of the the transition
8.playback the resulting edited video on the Preview area

If your questions still remain please contact us.

Best regards.
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