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Registered: 20.02.2010
02.09.11 22:18:11
2 wishes in one post:

1. In the Edit Overlay are a few decorative frames for the overlay. I want just a simple colored line as the border. Having that in the menu would be helpful. Also, the ability to fabricate our own frame library?

2. In Produce (the final video), I usually need to set up my own particular "advanced" parameters. It would be convenient to be able to save them in a local, personal "profile". Then I won't have to sit and try to remember what works each time.
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09.09.11 11:42:07
To: gdrenkes


Sorry for the late response.

1. Unfortunately, there is no such simple border mask in Video Overlay of AVS Video Editor. I will forward you suggestion to our developers. However, the only thing I can suggest you is using drawing video effects, for example the effect Border.

2. There is a Save button in Advanced which allows to save settings as a profile, see the screenshot attached.

Best regards.
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28.05.12 02:17:05
This may be impossible to be done, though I am still thinking if there is a slight chance for this to be considered?

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28.05.12 08:49:31
To: klauzser


Unfortunately, the issue is still not realized

Best regards.
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