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Posts: 18
Registered: 09.06.2010
25.03.11 04:47:00
Hello everyone,

I've just noticed the availability of a new build of Video Editor (Version: Release Date: 09/03/2011) (am I that slow?).

I didn't find an update in the News / Announcements directory and haven't been able to find any release notes.

Could anyone at AVS4you please tell me:

* which new functionality has been included
* which functionality has been changed or removed
* which defects have been repaired
* which known defects are still outstanding

Thanks in advance for your efforts from an otherwise very content user!

Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
28.03.11 06:51:28
To: michael24

Hi Michael,

Actually, nothing new, only polish interface has been added in this version.

Posts: 18
Registered: 09.06.2010
30.03.11 00:59:51
To: Vlad

Thank you!

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