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Registered: 09.02.2011
09.02.11 05:43:20
So I installed the Program on my other more powerful i7 with Windows 7 Pro and lots of ram and no problems so far, but on a Windows XP system that runs other more involved Video editing programs with no problem, I have not been able to view any playback, not with the sample project or even just previewing a file in the media library. Pressing the Play icon and Ctrl Spacebar just does nothing. I can drag the cursor and I see the images on the preview screen but that's it. Funny thing is though, when selecting the "next scene" icon under the preview screen, it plays back at the increased rate.
So how the hell is anyone supposed to work on this thing if they can't view playback?
Support Manager
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09.02.11 07:01:52
To: rumpletomskin

Please, make sure that you are using latest version.
Reinstall the program following the instructions
Let us know if it doesn't resolve the issue.
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