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21.12.10 19:57:30
Using Windows 7 along with their new Windows Movie Maker 11 and have created a Large 18 minute video of slides and music .. This will burn comfortably on to a DVD at 29% of dvd capacity (4.7 GB) .., But I want to create 3 separate files or Titles for the DVD .. each approx 30 minutes.

By using convert x to dvd I would be able to achieve this goal but I first need to convert the .WLMP file to .avi ..

Support said I could achieve this with AVS converter but the converter fails to recognize the file .. ( or am I not using this properly?? )
I have after editing the video, - takes maybe an hour + to save this 18 min video and I plan to have three videos in separate categories for the viewer to choose from when accessing the DVD Menu options that- Again I can set up when transferring/ burning the .AVI files to convert x 4 ..

any one here have any tips or advice on these transfers ???
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22.12.10 05:57:48
To: widescreenforever

I've already answered your query in this topic.

Please do not duplicate topics!
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