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15.12.10 16:05:26
Dear AVS4YOU users,

We are glad to announce the release of new versions AVS Video Converter, AVS Video Editor and AVS Video ReMaker

What's new in AVS Video Converter:

New Presets for the following devices:
PS3 Full HD (1080p)
Motorola Droid X

Support for .webm format.

Favourites section, where users can store their most frequently used presets.

Output file size is now available - you can see output file size in Advanced settings.

Easy DVD/Blu-ray movies loading just selecting disc drive or video folder.

More compact program window for screens with low resolution.

What's new in AVS Video Editor:

Improved Stabilization and Ken Burns video effects.

Program interface adapted for low resolution screens.

Additional editing features for DVD/Blu-ray menu:
Now you can edit number of chapters on the page, change button position, edit the size of the Menu Title, create DVD menu with 16:9 aspect

Frames and Mask for Video Overlay - you can add a mask player or a photo frame to make your video or image object more attractive.

Automatic Color Correction feature, which allows to make tonal range and color adjustments automatically.

Preview window adapted for dual-monitor PC’s.

Screen Capturing - new features allowing to make screenshots and draw on the screen while recording (Ellipse, Rectangle, Line, Pointer, Pencil)

What's new in AVS Video Remaker

New redesigned User Interface.

Working with projects - now you can create projects and save your edits.

Trim and Multi-trim feature which allows to detect and trim scenes.

Adding Transitions between scenes.

Built-in Screen Capture application.

We are very particular about feedback from our users and would be glad to receive your comments about new version and further suggestions.

Best regards,
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