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Registered: 09.06.2010
29.10.10 08:23:41
Hello everyone,

To create a nice overlay in a video, I use a graphical program (take your pick), to create a transparent image (e.g. 1280x720), upon which I create shapes and figures. See attachment for an example. I then save the image in a form that can handle transparency, like PNG.

I then import the image.png into VidEd, drag it down to the overlay channel (don't forget to resize to full screen) and bingo! See enclosed example.

What makes this so nice, is that you don't have to use symmetric shapes, thanks to the transparency bit.

Hope someone had a use for this.


PS I haven't been able to figure out how to get the text appear on top of the overlay. Is that me or is it not possible?
PPS I know it says unregistered at the top, but that's because I am not behind my home pc and did a quick download so I could illustrate what I meant!
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03.11.10 04:12:42
To: michael24


Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm sure it will be useful for other users.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to put text on top of the overlay in the current version. I will forward your feedback to our developers. We will work in it in the next version.

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