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Registered: 23.06.2010
23.06.10 13:58:13
I have a VCR / DVD Recorder Combo with 1080p upconvert and HDMI output.
I also have the AVerTV HD DVR PCIe card with HDMI input.
The card works fine, but I am not pleased with their software.
Are there any plans to support this hardware in any of the AVS4YOU products? (i.e. Convertor, ReMaker, Editor, ...)

That would be quite a combination.

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Registered: 29.01.2012
27.06.10 05:25:49
To: BT1


Thank you for your insterest and sorry for the late answer.

You can try AVS Video Recorder software to capture video from S-video and Composite inputs in you cards (unfortunately, HDMI is not support by our program), but we do not guarantee proper work with it. As it is stated on avermedia website, the card was designed for AVer MediaCenter software and will not even work with Windows Media Center.

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